QMS, Compliance, and Remediation

We help our client to build a sustainable quality system that remains in compliance with systemic continuous improvement. We also help our clients to troubleshoot existing quality system, performing gap analysis and remediation for entire system

    ✪    Quality System Architecture

    ✪    Quality System Implementation

    ✪    Quality System Remediation

    ✪    Lean Quality System management

    ✪    Quality System Standardization

    ✪    Compliance Mitigation

Supplier Quality Management

We provide effective consulting services to our clients for Supplier Quality Management and following customized solutions:

    ✔    Supplier Selection and Qualification

    ✔    Supplier Audit Management

    ✔    Supplier Capability Assesment

    ✔    Supplier Development

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

We provide following premium services to our clients:

    ✔    Sourcing & Procurement

    ✔    Supplier Risk Management

    ✔    Cost Engineering

    ✔    Cost Reduction

    ✔    Strategic Growth

Software Validation:

Do you need help with software validation? We can help with our specialized expertise:

    ✔    Software Validation Scope Assessment

    ✔    Software Validation Plan

    ✔    Software Validation & Verification and

    ✔    Software Testing