What is a QMS? Why do you need it?

Quality management system (QMS) is a core set of business processes, policies and procedures focused on consistently meeting customer and other regulatory requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. In modern days, without a robust quality system, it is virtually impossible to drive up customer satisfaction or even establish a business relationship with other business entity. More and more companies are investing in their quality system to keep up with their competition as it does not just increase your customer confidence level but also drive a lot of costs down from cost to non-quality.

If you are interested to bring your organization to next level quality culture, please let us know.We are offering following services to our clients as a turnkey solutions:

    ✪    Quality System Architecture

    ✪    Quality System Implementation

    ✪    Quality System Remediation

    ✪    Lean Quality System management

    ✪    Quality System Standardization

    ✪    Compliance Mitigation

Supplier Quality Management

We provide effective consulting services to our clients for Supplier Quality Management and following customized solutions:

    ✔    Supplier Selection and Qualification

    ✔    Supplier Audit Management

    ✔    Supplier Capability Assesment

    ✔    Supplier Development

Software Validation:

Do you need help with software validation? we can help with our specialized expertise:

    ✔    Software Validation Scope Assessment

    ✔    Software Validation Plan

    ✔    Software Validation & Verification and

    ✔    Software Testing