Your 2nd Office in US

Have you ever wonder how cool it would be to have a virtual presence of your establishment inside the United States? Have you ever thought of your customers who actually can pick up the phone and reach out to someone in the United States for basic information without making an international call? Then we are here to help you!

Imagine someone who can meet your customer on your behalf and represent your company while you are thousands of miles away and you still can achieve your business goal without you moving from your desk. Imagine someone representing your establishment, products in a local tradeshow, seminar, and meetings just like your loyal employee at home. Imagine someone who can guide you through all local logistics of every aspect of your successful business. If you are really into lean business practice and would like to benefit out of the smarter way of working, you are in the right place. We are just a call away.


See what we can do for you:

We are proud to offer following customized services to our clients:

    ✪    Your Virtual Office (Mailing Address & Phone)

    ✪    Your Deligate in the US (Representation)

    ✪    Demonstrate/Exhibit your product in an Exhibition)

    ✪    Participate in a meeting/seminar on your behalf

    ✪    Participate in a tradeshow on your behalf

    ✪    Customer/Supplier visit on your behalf

    ✪    Negotiate with Customer/Supplier on your behalf

    ✪    Sourcing a Product/Service for your company

    ✪    Other business assignment

Service Plans

US Mailing Address $19.99 / month*

Address Only

Perfect for individuals and freelancers

Premium Services Contact us




Perfect for large companies and enterprises