Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing & Procurement

Are you looking for a product or a manufacturer or a service provider? Are you looking for a strategic supplier? We can help. We can source your product/service with great confidence and confidentiality. Our client is our first priority before anything else.

What do we do?

We have years of experience sourcing products for Aerospace, Medical Device and many other Industrial and manufacturing portfolio. No matter how complicated product/service it is, we will find it for you with a reasonable price and good quality.

How does it work?

We are very flexible to work with. We can either accept a percentage of a sourced product or flat fees as consultation or we can source and sell directly to you. Just tell us what you need, we will be glad to help.

Manage Supplybase:

Do you have huge supply base that is hard to manage and frequently run into regulatory and financial risk? Are you looking towards consolidating your supply base with a strategic partner? How do you manage your supply base risk? Do you have an adequate system in place to track and monitor your supplier performance? We an help you with setting up world class best practices in suppler management processes.

Cost Engineering:

Are you looking for competitive pricing? Have you ever thought of how much profit your supplier is making from the products you are buying? Are you paying the fair market value? What happens when your supplier is unable to supply you part?

If your business is growing or simply in the right track of growth path and you would like to minimize your supply base risk, we can help.

Please Tell us what you need:

Premium Services:

    ✪    Sourcing & Procurement

    ✪    Supplier Risk Management

    ✪    Cost Engineering

    ✪    Strategic Growth

    ✪    Cost Reduction

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