Looking for a Strategic Supplier?

As Part of my job responsibility, I often visit suppliers across the globe. I often amuse myself talking to suppliers that how much money and time a company spends on unnecessary features and requirements. As a supplier, they have little to say as they don’t want to be the voice of destruction to development engineers and could wind up losing the opportunity to quote or even the business award. In modern day development engineering time is crucial and the cost is almost a secondary when it comes to secure the early market shares. I am not saying development engineers run their project without limitation on their budget, but i think a careful and data driven process can help optimizing overall product cost, increase manufacturability and a sustainable supply-chain.

Often we take little to no consideration of supplier expertise and use them in our favor to reduce cost. There are many ways a company can partner with a supplier to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. You can always have a supplier who can provide good quality parts on time and at a good cost but you will rarely find a supplier who is your strategic partner. Strategic relationship is not something you can buy off the shelf and there is no sign board by which you can identify who is your strategic partner. Strategic relationship is something you have to build from the scratch.

There are many ways you can start a strategic partnership with your supplier. to find out more, please visit here.