The fundamental idea of successful audit management is to understand your internal policies and procedures and how they are correlated to a regulation. The interpretation of a regulation or a requirement may vary from auditor to auditor. To overcome such variations, it is crucial how you present your evidence, what you present and how you interpret in front of an auditor. With years of experience as a certification auditor, we can help you prepare for the upcoming audit, and eliminate recurring audit findings. We use combined experience, knowledge, and assessment result of your organization to scope, plan, and execute audit readiness.Audit Preparation

Although every audit is unique, it is really important that you prepare well for the audit. You should have a plan set forth as part of entire audit management. Audit preparation may involve pre-assessment, pro-active corrections, training personnel, ensuring the availability of records and documents for the audit. We can take care of all these activities on your behalf without interrupting your current project and resources.

Whether you are looking for outsourcing your internal audits or managing your supplier audits, we have a pool of qualified auditors who can fulfill your needs with professional care.

Please see below list of services we offer as part of audit management.

Let us find it before an auditor doesThis is how we do it:✪    Assessment of your internal policies and procedures

✪    Gap Analysis

✪    Risk Mitigation

✪    Audit Preparation

✪    Execution

✪    Back-office support

✪    Corrective and Preventative action